Crown Royals Lucy In The Sky

Lucy came out at the Akita Club of Puget Sound specialty weekend of August 2011 with diamonds sprinkling her with great wins!  The Akita Club of Puget Sound this year was dedicated to Jerry and what an honor it was having Lucy do such wonderful winnings, because Lucy was the girl that Jerry had eyes for!  So Jerry must have been watching from above and helped Lucy with that extra sparkle!

August-19-11 Best in Sweepstakes from the best junior in sweeps class under judge Karen Walsh

August-19-11 Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex, Best Puppy in Show and Breeder of The Best Puppy In Show (5 point major) under judge Mrs. Pat Putman

August-20-11 Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex (5 point major) under judge Ms. Donna Beckman

August-21-11 Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners (4 point major) under judge Linda L. Robey


Owners: Sabrina Simpson-Greene & Ingrid Linerud
Breeders: Ingrid Linerud, Sally Compton, Linda Wolf & Danielle  Gutelius
DOB: 08-20-2010

This 4-Generation Pedigree has been provided for your convenience.
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BISS. BRONZE GCH. Crown Royals Start'N A Revolution

CH. Regalia's Trailblazer At Hoka-Hey ROM CH. Regalia's American Emblem ROMPX MBIS. MBISS.
CH. T'Stone Raja Regalia On Buckridge ROMPX
CH. Regalia's Candle In The Wind
CH. Regalia's Traces Of Fire CH. Regalia's Mountain Man ROMPX
CH. TJ's Amstel Light
CH. Crown Royal's Merit Of Cashmere ROMX CH. Crown Royal's See'N Stars ROMPX MBIS. MBISS.
CH. Crown Royal's Get Off My Cloud ROMPX
CH. Top Gun's USS Miss Kitty Hawk
CH. Crown Royal's Rainbow Warrior ROMP CH. Samkita's The One That Counts
CH. Hoka-Hey's Siren At Crown Royal

CH. Tanager Okami's Makin A Wish

CH. Hoka-Hey's Attica

CH. Tuscandeel's Texas Brew
CH. Tuscandeel's Big As Texas
Jury Gem at Tuscandeel
CH. Hoka-Hey's Trail of Tears CH. Brook-Staten Koshare of Hoka-Hey
CH. Hoka-Hey Eagle When She Flies
CH. Tanager's Poison Ivy CH. Regalia's American Emblem ROMPX MBIS. MBISS.
CH. T'Stone's Raja Regalia on Buckridge ROMPX
CH. Regalia's Candle In The Wind
Nerak's Will-O-The-Wisp Tanager MBISS. CH. Regalia's Darq Wolf ROMPX
CH. WW The Coal Striper

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