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Top Winning Akita In The History of the Akita Breed -BREEDER-OWNER-HANDLED

Jagger was born on June 28th, 1993.  He was the only male in a litter of four, so when it came time for evaluating the litter there was no choice but him.  The plan was to keep the nicest male for our breeding program... Little did we know at that time how he would change our lives!  I knew as he grew up he was incredible (Type - Structure and Movement); but it wasn't until he finished at 2.5 years of age that we then began specialing him that I realized how much he truly loved to be in the show ring!  Professional handlers around the United States began to dread seeing Jagger show up to the group rings. His record says it all when it comes to his showmanship and his excellence in breed quality.

Jagger is the All Time Winning Akita dog in the History of the breed with 30 All Breed Best In Shows; 10 Best In Specialty Show wins, 1 Akita Club of America Best In Specialty National show win.  He was the #1 Akita in the United States for both 1997 and 1998 including being the #1 Akita in Canada in 1997 in only 2 weekends of shows!  He is the only Akita ever to be the #1 Akita in two countries in a single year!  He was also amongst the Top Twenty All Breed and the #5 Working Dog during his career; all of these achievements and records were accomplished by being his: BREEDER-OWNER-HANDLER!

He allowed Sally Compton (his co-owner and my dear friend since 7th grade) and I to travel all over the United States and abroad meeting new friends and admires but he was an incredible ambassador to our Breed.  He would only potty off leash and he would do his job and return to me.  Jagger's loyalty was undeniable and many Akita people from Texas to Tennessee to California were amazed when I would let him go.  At times I wonder why God would bless me with a gift such as Jagger, but then I remember God is the giver of all good gifts.  So I guess I am the one he chose to receive him, but God is the one to receive the Glory.

The Akita Girls and their boy "Jagger"
From Left to Right -Ingrid Linerud and Sally Compton)


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