BISS. BRONZE GCH. Crown Royals Start'N A Revolution ROM

2009 Akita Club of America National Specialty Winner

2010 ACA Pre-National Specialty winner

2010 BOS ACA National Specialty Winner

2010 & 2009 Invitational Top Twenty Winner

Meet Lennon -- "General Appearance - Large, powerful, alert, with much substance and heavy bone. The broad head, forming a blunt triangle, with deep muzzle, small eyes and erect ears carried forward in line with back of neck, is characteristic of the breed. The large, curled tail, balancing the broad head, is also characteristic of the breed." -(AKC Breed Standard) This is what we feel best describes our beautiful boy, along with his wonderful and sweet temperament.

We are so very proud of Lennon and his littermates.  Lennon is a Multiple Working Group Winner, Multiple Group placer, Multiple Best Puppy In Show Winner an All-Breed Best In Show Sweepstakes and is now a National Specialty Winner and Top Twenty Winner.

2011 started out with a very tough year for Lennon and Ingrid.  With the loss of Jerry Dec. 23, 2010 my heart was so broken and unfocused I couldn't understand another devastation in my life.  But Lennon was acting sick, not eating, loss of weight. Sally and I took him to the vet on Dec. 28, 2010 and they weren't able to find anything really wrong.  So I felt he was grieving along side of me.  But on Jan. 03, 2011 Sally came to the house on her way to take Linda and Frank Wolf to the airport and we realized something much more was wrong.  Sally rushed him to our vet and where upon they felt a mass in his abdomen.  We made the decision to rush him into surgery.  With phone calls from our vet telling us that Lennon had Intussusception and would probably not make the surgery.  But Sally told them they had to at least try, we couldn't lose him with the loss of Jerry.  So they went ahead, did the surgery and  Lennon had the fight to make it! 


2009 National Top 20 Winner 2009 ACA BISS  
"Lennon" WORKING GROUP ONE at 11-Months Old
Working Group One All-Breed BIS Sweepstakes New Champion - Best of Breed
Winners Dog at the 2008 Akita National Specialty WD at the 2008 ACA Nat. Specialty Winners Dog ACA Specialty
Lennon ~ Best Puppy In Show @ 7 months old!
Best Puppy In Show & Reserve Winners Dog
at the Akita Club of Puget Sound (6 Month)
6 Month 6 Month
6 Month 6 Month 6 Month
Lennon pictured at 4 months
4 Month 4 Month  
3 Month 3 Months 3 Months
3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
10 weeks 10 weeks 10 weeks
7 weeks 7 weeks 7 weeks

Owners: Ingrid Linerud & Sally Compton
Breeder: Ingrid Linerud - Crown Royal Akitas
DOB: January 4th, 2008
Cerf: AK-4660 exam date 02/29/2012
OFA: AK-13507E24M- VPI  - Excellent
Thyroid: AK-TH320/24M-VPI - Normal
Elbows: AK-EL1773M24- VPI   - Normal
Patellas: AK-PA639/24M/P- VPI  - Normal
CHIC # 62616





CH. Regalia's Trailblazer At Hoka-Hey ROMP

CH. Regalia's American Emblem ROMPX MBIS. MBISS.
CH. T'Stone Raja Regalia On Buckridge ROMPX
CH. Regalia's Candle In The Wind
CH. Regalia's Traces Of Fire CH. Regalia's Mountain Man ROMPX
CH. TJ's Amstel Light

CH. Crown Royal's Merit Of Cashmere ROMPX

CH. Crown Royal's See'N Stars ROMPX MBIS. MBISS.
CH. Crown Royal's Get Off My Cloud ROMPX
CH. Top Gun's USS Miss Kitty Hawk
CH. Crown Royal's Rainbow Warrior ROMP CH. Samkita's The One That Counts
CH. Hoka-Hey's Siren At Crown Royal


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